Nearly 6,000 miles into our trip since we left Ohio in August and we finally found time to slow down.  Unfortunately it wasn’t time to slow down and write blog posts (which we owe you for following along).  We found time to slow down and stop moving every three days so we could enjoy good times with great people.  Moab, UT has been such a surprise, planned to stay for four nights and ended up staying for twelve!


In our almost three months of travel, we’ve fallen in love with “RV people”.  We’ve met some of the nicest, helpful, and happy people we’ve ever known.  It’s a community of commonality.  I guess dumping tanks keeps anyone from being too uppity!  But that all being said, when you have RV people who own the same brand of RV (Tiffin) along with also owning Jeeps, well that’s a special group who bond instantly.  We found our Tiffin Jeep adventure folks in Moab and feel like we’ve been with family for almost two weeks now.  What a recharge for our batteries and an eye-opener for what ol’ Sarsaparilla can do on the rocks!

Our Tiffin Jeep Adventure Family
L-R: Janice, Keith, Dan, Angel, Wayne, Julie, Nancy, Charlie (puppy), Billy, Shane, Amy, Adelaide, Steve, Isabelle, and Elle.
Top Of The World
Top Of The World








Fins and Things Overlook
Thumbs up from Adelaide in the back seat…she loved it!
Another 2 foot ledge to drive off of….easy Sassy, easy girl!