So we launched our big adventure a month ago.  Got in two good days of traveling from Houston, TX to Chillicothe, OH (where we grew up).

Along the way:

  • we spent 2 nights visiting friends in Louisiana,
  • encountered fire ants,
  • had a significant flood through the RV windows,
  • 1 dog throwing up several times,
  • the other having uncontrolled diarrhea leading to a spur of the moment vet visit in Mississippi.

We made it to Ohio and sent the RV in for some repairs, had some work done on the Jeep, spend a week in Destin, FL with friends, and mostly spent the month spending time with family.  Now we’re back on the road as of August 2 and have about 3.5 months of traveling ahead of us.  With that much time on the road, we’ll start blogging some of the adventures ASAP.

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